Bob Steel : Piano Tuner and Technician
Bob Steel, RPT

Bob Steel, RPT

4727 Pheasant Place
North Vancouver, BC
V7R 4G4


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Bob Steel, a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild, serves the North Shore and Metro area of Vancouver, British Columbia. He has been a piano tuner for over twenty-five years, and has lived his entire life in West Vancouver and North Vancouver, BC. A pianist since he was five years of age, he studied as a piano major, and now takes tremendous pride in ensuring his customers play on well-maintained instruments. Bob likes to go that extra mile in addressing every customer's unique needs, whether you're a beginner or a concert pianist.


An expert piano tuner, Bob is also qualified to adjust and repair most types of pianos. The adjustment of the moving parts of a piano is called regulation. Proper regulation can make the piano feel much more responsive to the player. Older pianos may have parts that are so worn they need to be reconditioned. Bob is trained to recondition pianos and repair or replace broken parts when necessary. Having contacts throughout the music industry allows him to bring people together, buying, or selling. Piano appraisals and piano inspections are other important services he provides, along with good sound advice.


Piano manufacturers recommend tuning at least twice per year. New pianos require a "break-in" period while the strings stretch, and other parts aclimatize. All pianos react to climate changes, regardless of use, which makes your piano's tuning fluctuate. Humidity changes also affect the adjustment of other key components. Regular maintenance can help protect your investment and bring a lifetime of musical enjoyment.


Due to changes of season and the effect of heating systems, sometimes a piano is subjected to unusually erratic conditions. Bob records the relative humidity at each job site, so he can share any unusual findings. Occasionally he recommends a "climate control system" that may be your piano's best chance at improved stability. He uses one in his own personal piano, a 1918 Heintzman, and has installed dozens of systems for many satisfied customers. Feel free to ask about them during your next servicing.

Feel free to contact Bob if you have questions about the care of your piano: 604-980-7822 or